Illustrated Seamanship

Ropework Boat Handling Anchoring

Electronic Navigation Systems

Radio wave propagation and the frequency spectrum Depth sounding systems Speed measurement Loran-C Satellite navigation Integrated bridge systems Electronic charts The ship’s master compass Automatic steering Radio direction finding Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

TAYLOR, D. A. (1996). Introduction to Marine Engineering (2nd ed.)

Introduction to Marine Engineering Ships and machinery Diesel engines Steam turbines and gearing Boilers Feed systems Pumps and pumping systems Auxiliaries Fuel oils, lubricating oils and their treatment Refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation Deck machinery and hull equipment Shafting and propellers Steering gear Fire fighting and safety Electrical equipment Instrumentation and control Engineering materials Watchkeeping […]

Ships Captains Medical Guide

First aid Toxic hazards of chemicals including poisoning General Nursing Care of the injured Causes and prevention of disease Communicable diseases Sexually transmitted diseases Other diseases and medical problems Diseases of fishermen Female disorders and Pregnancy Childbirth Survivors The dying and the dead External assistance Ships inventory of drugs and equipment  

Ship Knowledge a Modern Encyclopedia

Shipwise The Shape of ship Ship’s Types The building of a ship Forces on a ship Laws and regulations Construction of the various sections Closing arrangement Loading Gear Acnor and mooring gear Engine room Propulsion and steering gear electrical installations maintenance and docking Safty Stability    

Ship Design & Construction

Contents : Mission analysis and basic design Mission impact on vessel design General arrangement Load line assignment Tonnage measurement Analysis and design of principal hull structure Structural components Hull materials and welding Hull outfit and fittings Cargo handling-dry cargo Design for transport of liquid and hazardous cargos Ship maneuvering, navigation and motion control Control of […]

Intro to Naval Architecture

Contents : Definition and regulation Ship form calculations Flotation and stability The environment Seakeeping Strength Resistance Propulsion Manoeuvring Vibration, noise and shock Ship design

Marine Structural Design

Contents : Structural Design Principles Ultimate Strength Fatigue and Fracture Structural Reliability Risk Assessment

Marine Diesel Engines

Marine Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines Contents: 1 Theory and general principles 1 2 Gas-diesel and dual-fuel engines 48 3 Exhaust emissions and control 64 4 Fuels and lubes: chemistry and treatment 88 5 Performance 142 6 Engine and plant selection 159 7 Pressure charging 175 8 Fuel injection 227 9 Low speed engines—introduction 264 […]


Contents : Charts, books, system of names, International Hydrographic Organization, International Maritime Organization The use of charts and other navigational aids Regulations and Operational information The sea Meteorology Ice Operations in polar regions and where ice is prevalent Observing and reporting